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Chocolate Chewy Flapjack

Chocolate chewy flapjack recipe

A simple and easy to make yummy and healthy flapjack recipe for kid’s lunchboxes.


Savoury Flapjack – deliciously cheesy flapjacks

Savoury Flapjacks are great for buffet at a family party or can be carried in your lunchbox for work.

Toffee Apple Flapjack

Toffee Apple Flapjack

Try this flapjack recipe which is a twist on traditionally loved combination of flavours.

Traditional Flapjacks

Traditional Flapjack Recipe

This traditional flapjack recipe is one of the quickest, the easiest the cheapest way to make flapjacks.



This is a fun and delicious recipe that you and your kid can cook together. You can also invent one of your own, since flapjacks are suitable to change ingredients and still get a great flapjack.

Fruit and Nut Flapjacks

Fruit and Nut Flapjacks

A flapjack is sweet bar made from a beautiful combination of oats, butter, brown sugar or golden syrup, fruits raisins and nuts. Flapjacks are very popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Fruit Flapjack

Fruit Flapjack Recipe

How to make a perfect fruit flapjack with a wide range of fruits available? The answer is that you can always find one to go with a flapjack. For most people, banana is a most chosen fruit, but you can use just about any fruit of your choice.

Walnut Flapjack

Walnut Flapjack Recipe

Antioxidants have a host of favorable health-giving qualities that include anti depressants and elegiac acid, which is present in walnuts and support the immune system.